Hi, I'm Mayck. I'm a UI/Visual designer.

Background. Designer from Universidad de Los Andes with a communication and product emphasis. Specialist in Interaction design from UC San Diego, California. Currently taking courses at the Interaction Design Foundation. I have a special interest in User Centered Design studies, IxD, UI and design pieces narrative power. Interested in interfaces design, especially on products aesthetically and formally emphasized to reach innovation and capable of providing great user experiences. From conceptual universe down to sketching, prototyping, mockuping and production, I've designed digital interfaces, web environments, branding projects, digital campaigns and interactive installations.

Just for fun. I'm an indie music lover, I watch at least 3 movies every week, I often try to discover new beer brands and I'm really passionate about colombian coffee!

This portfolio and its contents were designed and developed by me.
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Graphic Design
Form follows fun!

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No lugar para monstruos internos

Art Direction

e l c u l t o

Short Film · Art Direction

Body nomad

Photography · Art direction

the poison project


the fundamentals

Digital Art

Cinnabon package

Service and package design

Visual Design
Always looking for pixel perfect precision

Back in 2012 I made my first web and branding project with the European Creativity School. Now I work professionally as a UI/Visual designer, you'll see I'm always mixing Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator and Sublime text (some other times Adobe XD and Invision), designing, testing and developing webpages and e-mails. You can imagine how much RAM I need!

Catalyst 19 event
Bizagi Global

Catalyst is the anual event created by Bizagi for business visionaries that look for insights from brilliant minds around the digital world. Hosting speakers like Guy Kawasaki (Apple, Mercedes Benz), Kyohei Shimada (Kyocera) and Lorelei Jensen (Old Mutual Bank), this event needed an all-round design including branding development, visual design and a full integration environment with the current digital platforms Bizagi works with. Prototyped in Adobe XD and developed/published in WordPress.

Interactive landing - Prototype phase
Counting Women's Work

As a result of a research held by the economics students and teachers from the Berkeley University, this landing mockup video intends to visually represent the results of using a unique methodology -created by the National Time Transfers Accounts- that makes evident some important gender unequality insights by quantifying time and money from unpaid activities per gender and age over the life cicle of men and women all over the world. Prototyped in Sketch and InVision. Don't get surprised by the data inside the video, it's for visualization purposes, the real one will be live soon!

Lead acquisition landing
Bizagi Marketing

This template was created to encourage people to fill a form in order to receive E-books, invitations and other kind of resources. There's a form that follows you while you scroll the page. It is connected with Marketo and creates a Lead that is followed by the sales people. The Landing was developed using bootstrap with customized scripts that allow the form behavior. Prototyped in Adobe XD and developed/published in Marketo

Website design

Graficoop is a printing and design company that needed a website rebuild with a fresh look. I was in all the design process, from the ideation, sketching and publishing, parallax and jQuery sliders. Prototyped in Adobe Muse.

Customers page redesign
Bizagi Marketing

As a part of the refresh of the Bizagi branding, the challenge on the redesign of the customers page was to create a sober interface having in mind the big amount of information and development complexity. By improving the user experience and the interaction of this environment, these cards -supported by a javascript filtering and searching engine- deliver a more up-to-date UI system, making it more dynamic and user friendly. Prototyped in Sketch and setup in Joomla.

User Interface Design
Driven by UxD and UX principles

I started designing no web interfaces on back on 2015, back then I learnt how to program a Wiring chip -from its creator-, allowing me to setup different sensors in a gallery space controlling the sound of an interactive light installation. Since that project, I've designed app screens, big scale tactile interfaces and also VR interations.


Interactive installation.


Mobile App.

VR/TACTILE for architecture

Digital interface.


Mobile App